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  • Message from the President
  • Message from the President

    My name is Hiromi Nakaiwa and I was appointed President at the AAMT General Meeting 2012.

    Since joining NTT, I have been involved in machine translation research and development. In addition, I also acted as the Program Committee Chairperson at the MT Summit XIII organized by AAMT in Amoy, China in 2011 and have cooperated with various other AAMT activities. In the future, I hope not only to continue the development of machine translation technologies and engage in undertakings aimed at expanding the number of scenarios in which machine translation can be put to effective use, but also to apply my limited abilities to undertake initiatives aimed at vitalizing the translation industry in the Asia-Pacific region through the application of machine translation technologies.

    Launched at the end of the 20th Century, the Internet has permeated the lives of people in every conceivable respect and has thus created opportunities for the average person to come into contact with languages other than his/her own. Moreover, while conventional machine translation has focused on translation between the native languages of users and English, recent statistics show that the number of Web pages produced in languages other than English is more or less equivalent to the number of pages produced in English, with the result that the demand for translation of languages other than English is growing at a dramatic pace. CGM such as twitter and Facebook have expanded the potential for the use of machine translation to include scenarios that go beyond conventional linguistic communication. The appearance on the scene of cloud computing has heralded the beginning of the elimination of barriers between countries in fields such as service and manufacturing. Developments such as these have triggered a dramatic acceleration in the demand for initiatives such as communication that goes beyond language and the multilingualization of services.

    Looking at machine translation from the technical standpoint, we are seeing a transition from the previous mainstream rule-based machine translation technology to statistical machine translation technology that makes use of large volumes of bilingual data. Moreover, in the field of Japanese - English machine translation, an area in which AAMT has a strong interest, technologies are being proposed that rival and surpass the rule-based approach. From this, it is safe to say that machine translation technology itself is also undergoing a period of major changes.

    As the above suggests, hopes for machine translation are growing at an unprecedented level.

    With the goal of becoming a machine translation association capable of promoting greater vitalization of the Asia-Pacific region, it is our aim to further intensify our activities that go beyond national borders. To achieve this, we will require the assistance and positive participation in the activities of the association by all our members and ask for your continuing support in the future.

    Hiromi Nakaiwa, AAMT President


    Last Update : 9 Jun. 2015