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26 Nov. 25th JFT TRANSLATION FESTIVAL TOKYO 2015 <Tokyo, Japan>

02-06 Sep. MT SUMMIT XIV <Nice, France>
19 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
14-15 Mar. TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit <Dublin, Ireland>

3-4 Dec. Workshop on Future Directions in Translation Research <Nara, Japan>
24 Oct. JapTAL 2012 <Kanazawa, Japan>
20-24 Sep. IEEE NLP-KE 2012 <Huang Shan, Hefei>
19 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
28-30 May EAMT 2012 <Trento, Italy>

19-23 Sep. MT SUMMIT XIII <Ximen, China>
13 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>

20-23 Aug. ICIAI(The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligence 2010) <Baijing, China>
14 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>

01-02 Dec. IWSLT 2009 <Tokyo, Japan>
30 Aug. MT Summit XII 3rd Workshop on Patent Translation <Chateau Laurier, CANADA>
25-29 Aug. MT SUMMIT XII <Chateau Laurier, CANADA>
22 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
8-10 Jun. Localization World Berlin 2009 <Berlin, Germany>
14-15 May EAMT 2009 Conference <Barcelona, Spain>
21-25 Oct. AMTA 2008(The 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas) <Waikiki, Hawaii>
22-23 Sep. EAMT2008(The 12th European Machine Translation Conference) <University of Hamburg, Germany>
04-07 Aug. XVIII World Congress of the International Federation of Translators <Shanghai, China>
26 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
28-30 May LREC 2008 - 6th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference <MARRAKECH, MOROCCO>
15-16 Oct. International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation 2007 <Trent, Italy>
10-14 Sep. MT SUMMIT XI <Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark>
31-1 Aug. IEEE NLP-KE 2007 <Beijing, China>
11 Jun AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo Japan>
04 Apr. NICT-EDR Symposium <Tokyo, Japan>
11 Mar. Tokyo Forum on advanced Natural Language Processing and Text Mining <Tokyo Univ., Japan>
24-26 Jan. The First International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration <Kyoto Univ, Japan>
12 Oct. TRANSLATION FESTIVAL TOKYO 2006<Tokyo - Japan>
06 Oct. TC Symposium in Osaka<Osaka - Japan>
21-22 Sep. Asian Executive Forum <Beijin - China>
07 Sep. FIT 2006 <Fukuoka - Japan>
31-01 Aug. TC Symposium in Tokyo<Tokyo - Japan>
08-12 Aug. 7th Biennial AMTA Conference <Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA>
26-30 Jun. LISA Global Strategies Summit <New York City - The Roosevelt Hotel>
16 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
27-01 May. Japanese-German Workshop on Natural Language Processing 2006<Tokyo - Japan>
22-28 May. 5th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation<GENOA - ITALY>
18-21 Apr. LISA Forum Asia 2006 <Shanghai - China>
03-07 Apr. EACL 2006<Trento - ITALY>
30-01 Mar. OpenLab 2006<Trento - ITALY>
02 Dec. JEITA Information System Technology Symposium<Tokyo, The Sasakawa Hall>
10-11 Nov. International Conference/Workshop on Web Technologies in India <New Delhi, Hotel Taj Palace>
07-11 Nov. LISA Forum <Zurich, Switzerland>
04-08 Oct. CEATEC Japan 2005 <Makuhari Messe, Japan >
30-01 Oct. IEEE NLP-KE 2005 <Donghu Hotel, Wuhan, China >
20-22 Sep. the 2005 HTRDP Evaluation on Chinese Information Processing and Intelligent Human-Machine Interface Technology <China>
12-15 Sep. MT SUMMIT X <Thailand>
14 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Chuo Univ., Japan>
11 Mar. e-Biology Initiative:Towards New Frontiers of Biology <Tokyo>
17 Nov. Cultural collaboration" symposium <Kyoto Univ., Japan>
29-31 Oct. FIT Fourth Asian Translators' Forum <Tsinghua University, Beijin>
18-22 Oct. HTRDP 2004 Evaluation <Beijing, China & Keihanna, Japan>
20 Oct. JEITA NLP symposium <Tokyo, Japan>
13-15 Oct. 2004 Patent Information Fair & Conference <Tokyo, Japan>
11-15 Oct. LISA FORUM EUROPE <Holiday Inn Disney, Parisn>
30-01 Sep. ICSLP-2004 satellite workshop International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation <Kyoto, Japan>
28-02 Sep. EAMT 2004 <Washington D.C.>
09 Sep. "JTF MT tool workshop" <Shinjuku, Japan>
26-27 Apr. "EAMT 2004 Workshop"in Malta <Malta>
22-26 Mar. Asian Symposium on Natural Language Processing to Overcome Language Barriers <Hainan Island, China>
12 Mar. Asia Broadband Symposium <Tokyo>
08-11 Dec. LISA Forum USA (MTSeminar) <Washington D.C.>
24-25 Nov. LangTech2003 <Paris>
20-21 Nov. Translating and the Computer 25 <London, U.K.>
04-06 Nov. LISA WORKSHOPS IN SHANGHAI <Shanghai, China.>
26-29 Oct. NLP-KE 2003 <Beijin>
15-17 Oct. 2003 Patent Information Fair <Tokyo>
15 Oct. JEITA NLP Symposium <Tokyo>
09 Oct. TRANSLATION 2003 <Tokyo>
23-28 Sep. MT SUMMIT IX<U.S>
27-29 Aug. Asialex 2003 in Tokyo <Tokyo>
30-03 Jun. LISA Forum Europe <London U.K.>
24-26 Jun. PACLIC 17 & Oriental COCOSDA <Singapore>
20 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Chuo Univ., Japan>
15-17 May. Controlled Language Translation<Ireland>
07 Mar. NEDO WORKSHOP <Tokyo>
28 Nov. NEDO WORKSHOP <Tokyo>
26 Nov. Techno Fair <Osaka>
15 Nov. MT Mini Symposium <Tokyo>
14-15 Nov. 6th EAMT Workshop <UMIST, Manchester, UK>
04-07 Nov. 2002 LISA Forum Europe <Heidelberg, Germany>
10 Oct. JTF TRANSLATION 2002 < Tokyo, JAPAN>
8-12 Oct. AMTA 2002 Conference <Tiburon, California, US>
26-27 Sep. LISA Executive Roundtable Shanghai LISA Workshops <China>
21 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Chuo Univ., Japan>
15 Jun. JAT Meeting <Forum 8, Shibuya, Japan>
15-16 Jun. 32nd CAJ Annual Conference <Amagasaki, Japan>
16-20 Mar. 8th Annual Conference of NLP <Keihanna, Japan>
13-17 Mar. TMI 2002 <Keihanna, Japan>
13-15 Mar. LISA Globalization Summit <Washington DC, US>
12 Mar. 10th JTF Workshop

7- 9 Nov. LISA Forum Europe <Vienna>
18-22 Sep. MT Summit VIII <Santiago de Compostela, Spain>

10 Nov. AAMT Seminar <Tokyo, Japan>
16 Jun. AAMT Annual Conference <Tokyo, Japan>

13-17 Sep. MT Summit VII <Singapore>